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Transportation Services

i-JIT has a unique, dynamic transportation model that provides you with the tools needed to customize your transportation solution for increased efficiencies and lower cost. We help you save time, trouble and money on all your shipping needs. We create a complete, individualized shipping solution for our customers. We know that one size definitely doesn't fit all and are proud to tailor our solutions to your needs with a wide range of shipping options, from express, ground and international, all the way to heavy freight. 


We prioritize areas of cost cutting that are not always noticeable. For example, Inboundshipments are often not checked or competitively priced out. i-JIT proactively manages inbound freight charges by providing clear accounting for inbound costs allowing for areas of cost savings based on your uniquie schedule, including expediting charges. All inbound costs clearly defined.



Express shipping solutions


We focus on small and medium sized companies and are able to offer them big company discounts. We have an on line tool that allows you create a shipment label and have it ready for pick up in literally minutes.



Freight shipping solutions


You will have access to our powerful TMS (Transportation Management System) free of charge and be able to create your own BOL or have our customer service team do it for you, whatever fits better with your model. We strive to save you at least 20% compared to your current shipping solution.


International solutions


We can provide complete international shipping services that will take that burden off your plate and allow the experts to handle for you.

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