"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

- Henry Ford -



"We have worked with I-JIT for about six years. We highly value the relationship that we have built together and their commitment to accurate and timely response. It’s this commitment that has allowed the successful growth of our partnership."


Lisa Nickerson

Manager; Projects and Proposals



"As a start-up several years ago, we brought on i-JIT to handle all of our material.  i-JIT hasn’t disappointed and has been instrumental in allowing us to focus our efforts on product development.  i-JIT is to be commended on their ability to focus their efforts on all phases of driving material and ensuring our production and NPI manufacturing is on schedule.  i-JIT has also been able to reduce our BOM pricing which keeps our overall pricing very competitive.  It's like having a Purchasing Department without the expense of a Purchasing Department."
Franklin Olive,
General Manager (OutdoorLink)

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