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Supply chain services

i-JIT prides itself on providing its clients with the highest level of supply chain management activities covering a comprehensive suite of services including product development, sourcing, production, logistics and the information systems needed to coordinate these activities. With a strong focus on the complete solution you can gain peace of mind while we get it from here to there and at the same time.


i-JIT. Not a supplier. But a partner by your side.



Purchasing programs include traditional complete turnkey purchasing programs and VMI programs. We are experts in these procurement services but we don’t stop there.


We know NPI (New Product Introductions) are a challenge for the client and we can take ownership in these in this area to allow you to focus on the big picture. We can take full ownership of your NPIs and have you on schedule for your release.


Above all else, i-JIT will coordinate and synchronize your activities to meet your schedule and demand, providing your company with higher efficiencies. We are not done once your delivery to the consumer is complete.


We will continue to perform Obsolescence Management throughout the life cycle of your product allowing you peace of mind that there will be no disruption in your supply.


For Production Planning & Control services we place your product in the perfect manufacturing facility if you require manufacturing services.


We have a proven process for Rapid Prototyping which us allows to turn complete hardware solutions in as quick as 2 weeks from receiving build documents to deliver a unit for test back to you. Whether you require a cost competitive manufacturing model or a more reliability model we can make recommendations and take the lead on getting your product through production.


We are closely aligned with world class Supplier Partners that provide you with competitive pricing and allow your capital to work for you in other areas.


Our complete suite of Shipping Services allows us to determining which method of transportation is most efficient for your company. We will assess trade-offs in speed and price based on your need. We are confident we can provide significant savings in your overall Transportation cost.




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