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About us


25 years of industry knowledge and SCM service excellence.

About us



At i-JIT Logistics big company capabilities are at your disposal while prioritizing your needs. The company was created to offer our clients the advantage of a comprehensive suite of supply chain value-adding services.  Additionally, we have established world class supplier relationships with sound, responsible financial freedom so you will have confidence in our ability to exceed your expectations without delay.


Our team strives to develop a logistics structure or a supply chain strategy that will turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage through better customer service at lower costs without disruption.

i-JIT Logistics has evolved over the last 25 years gaining important experience in the most critical areas of Supply Chain Management. This is what drives us in becoming your partner not just a supplier. We pride ourselves in taking direction, responding rapidly, and generating ideas for improvement resulting in increased efficiencies and a better bottom line.

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